• Why us?

    Travelucion is the largest Cuba digital media company operating a colossal 432 websites in up to 5 languages popularizing Cuban Culture, Sports, Cities,...

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  • Who we are?

    Travelucion is wholly owned subsidiary of the Cuba Ventures, a divison of CUV Ventures Corp, a public company quoted on the Canadian TSX Stock Exchange under symbol CUV...

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  • What we do?

    Travelucion controls an immense portion of online worldwide web traffic specific to the Republic of Cuba through 432 web properties in up to...

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Travelucion and the future of Cuba Travel

Travelucion Havana Cuba
Travel to Cuba has never been hotter, worldwide demand for Cuban travel services have reached an all-time high in 2016. Travelucion’s 432 Multilanguage Cuba Travel Network of websites are a central part of any discerning traveler’s initial research when planning a visit to Cuba and, these websites remain the natural focal point of interest when booking travel services on the island. Travelucion’s proprietary e-commerce platforms allow visitors to its web properties to book Cuba Travel Services in real-time.
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What`s new?

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Cuba Media

Travelucion owns and manages 432 web properties focused exclusively on Cuba. Published in up to 5 languages they have been the backbone of online information about this illustrious Caribbean nation for over decades. The Travelucion Media Cuba websites have assisted millions of people with their Cuba Travel Research and, are also used by universities, academics and professionals researching Cuba.


Millions of dollars are sold annually through Travelucion’s propriety e-commerce platform. Both Cuban and International Hotel Chains, Cuban Car Rental & Transport companies, Excursion suppliers, Flight consolidators and many other Cuba travel services providers use Travelucion as a promotional hub.


Travelucion’s In-House web development team creates appealing websites exclusively for our proprietary network. Travelucion does not build websites for third parties; rather it increases corporate web presence annually by adding new and interesting websites to its portfolio of Cuba web properties to further increase Cuba related online traffic and, subsequently, revenues.