Travelucion is Cuba’s leading Online Media Group

Through its extensive collection of 432 web properties in up to 6 languages the company generates huge Cuba specific internet traffic from all corners of the globe. With up to 30 million page views per year and, an astounding 300% exponential growth from the U.S since Jan 2015, Travelucion is prepared to capitalize on Cuba’s geographically closest market, which has been out-of-bounds for over 50 years. The company monetizes its Cuba focused internet traffic in numerous ways, the primary source of revenue being Online Travel bookings to Cuba. The second source of revenue is third party advertising. Other sources include, consulting services, Cuba investment assistance and joint ventures in which Travelucion’s massive online internet traffic is exposed to choice Cuba themed opportunities. The company also generates significant worldwide interest within the burgeoning Cuba investment sector and is beginning to channel some of these opportunities through its parent company Cuba Ventures Corp.

Travelucion the center of Cuba’s social media scene


Since the advent of social media Travelucion began using this medium to stimulate traffic growth to its 432 websites. Furthermore, the company has a gigantic following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and YouTube. The company continues to grow its social media platforms organically using cross posting strategies and “friend-follow” marketing campaigns. While the company has focused more on continually updating its wholly owned 432 websites with in-house rss feeds and newer designs, the integration of social media across its whole network is yielding some interesting results in 2016.

Business opportunities in Cuba

Travelucion Cuba Ventures

Travelucion is constantly getting requests from parties interested in investing in Cuba. Our sister company Cuba Ventures Corp handles such requests expeditiously, channeling these to an advisory team which is highly capable of furthering these interests on-the-ground in Cuba. Expert financial advisors, attorneys and consultants quickly establish the validity of the investment, bringing it to the correct Official Cuban contacts in order to obtain rapid feedback to the interested party.

Our Cuba Web Portfolio is the world’s largest

We bring virtual tours of “Everything Cuba” into homes and workplaces across the globe.
Classic Series
Classic Series – These websites were some of the first ever developed for Cuba. The classic series are very popular sources of information.
Geo. Net Series
Geo. Net Series – Over 100 websites offering cities, towns and provinces in Cuba allied to special interest websites covering Cuban personalities and popular themes. Series Series – A whole new approach for Travelucion using WP publishing, these websites were designed like blogs, covering cities, towns and special interest topics.
E-Commerce Travel Series
E-Commerce Travel Series – The source of Travelucion’s online travel revenue, powered by proprietary booking platforms in 6 languages, these websites allow real-time bookings of Cuba Travel Services. Market and region specific, they essentially appear identical in design but, are optimized for world markets and specific branding.
Hotel Series
Hotel Series – Across the board GDS Beta Trial booking websites using WP. These websites remain in beta phase but encompass stellar domain names associated with the hotel and hospitality industry in Cuba.
Cuba Series
Cuba Series – A group of websites designed to feed constant traffic to other websites within the network, lowering PPC reliance and increasing revenues.