• Cayo Guillermo

    Cayo Guillermo

    The archipelago Sabana-Camagüey, on the north coast of Cuba, one of the largest coral barriers of the world, lies a…

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  • Cayo Coco

    Cayo Coco

    A marvelous natural paradise with endless whitest-sand, deserted and almost virgin beaches, caressed by the greenish blue waters of the…

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  • Camagüey


    The province of Camaguey is located in central Cuba. The capital city of the province is also called Camagüey. The…

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  • Bayamo


    San Salvador de Bayamo is the second of the seven villages founded by Diego Velázquez. The area, where an indigenous…

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  • Baracoa


    The city where the sun first rises in Cuba emerges closed to the coasts of Santo Domingo like a touching…

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