Travelucion and the future of Cuba Travel

Travel to Cuba has never been hotter, worldwide demand for Cuban travel services have reached an all-time high in 2016. Travelucion’s 432 Multilanguage Cuba Travel Network of websites are a central part of any discerning traveler’s initial research when planning a visit to Cuba and, these websites remain the natural focal point of interest when booking travel services on the island. Travelucion’s proprietary e-commerce platforms allow visitors to its web properties to book Cuba Travel Services in real-time.

Beyond its Online Cuba Media Division, Travelucion is a fully licensed Travel Supplier holding €1,000,000 (one million Euro) travel indemnity insurance through France’s AXA Insurance and unlimited civil liability coverage for its worldwide customers. The Company holds certified online billing accounts with Spain’s second largest financial institution.

In addition to the management and administrative offices in Spain, Travelucion and its predecessors have maintained representation with Cuba since the mid 1990’s. The Company also has four proprietary web servers located in Germany.  In addition, the Company has localised web content delivery through caching servers providing low-latency content in 19 countries.    All software, data, content and design are owned by the Company. While the Company has outsourced some of its ongoing development and IT related activities, there are no third-party software products or systems used anywhere within the current network of 432 web assets/properties, and as such no third-party royalty payments. All of Travelucion’s websites are managed and administrated internally by the Company web-master and IT staff members all of whom have worked in the Cuba Online marketing sphere for over 15 years.  In addition to its management and IT staff, the Company may retain editorial writers, website designers and software engineers on an as needed basis.

Travelucion generates revenue through two primary sources: direct on-line sales through the e-commerce sites owned and operated by the Company, and online referral through its 432 websites. All foreign travel agencies operating in Cuba must obtain an operating license from one of the following 100% Cuban-owned agencies and suppliers; these are in order of size and sales volume: Havanatur, CubaTUR, Gaviota Tour, Cubanacan, Ecotur. Travelucion is in a unique position due to its long operating history with Cuba as well as its minority interests in other licensed travel agencies to be able to provide Cuban travel bookings through three of these locally operated suppliers including Havanatur, CubaTUR and Gaviota Tour. Travelucion’s proprietary online booking systems have been developed to poll prices from each agency to determine the lowest price and best travel options for customers.