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Cuba Ventures Corp. Acquires Equity in Cuba Trade Magazine

Cuba Trade Magazine - Cuba Ventures Corp

Cuba Trade Magazine is the only national monthly publication devoted to covering trade, travel and investment between Cuba and the U.S. business community.

Cuba Trade Magazine is read each month by the most influential sector of the international business community, ranging from executives who work for major international corporations, to business owners, entrepreneurs, state officials, and all members of United States Congress, as well as U.S domiciled embassies and trade consulates.

The magazine is delivered each month via direct mail and through exclusive distribution channels including: leading business organizations (World Trade Centers, Engage Cuba, the US Agricultural Coalition); city and state economic development councils (the Houston Partnership, Arkansas Economic Development Commission, etc.); all Cuban, Caribbean and Latin American study centers in U.S. colleges and universities; business schools; Cuba-specific NGOs (the U.S. Chamber’s Cuba Business Council, the Center for Democracy in the Americas, etc.); the Cuban Embassy in Washington and to Cuban economic ministers; on all Havana Air flights; and to all members of the United States Congress (via private and direct courier). Cuba Trade Magazine is also distributed in select newsstands in the United States (including key airports) and is available in all Barnes & Noble bookstores.

Cuba Trade Magazine also has a website that amalgamates all relevant Cuba news worldwide on a 24-hour basis, as well as its own content and research documents, with a daily news report that is sent to a select list of key executives and subscribers.

Cuba Trade Magazine readers work in international trade, finance, law, insurance, telecom, real estate, hospitality, transportation, energy, manufacturing, construction, pharmaceuticals, information technology, logistics and agriculture.

Cuba Ventures and Cuba Trade Magazine to bridge Digital and Print Media

As Print and Digital continue to coexist in a unified manner, so too has Cuba Ventures Corp wished to expand its Cuba-centric digital media empire into highly desirable Cuba focused printed media. The Cuba Ventures wholly owned subsidiary Travelucion controls 432 cuba-centric websites in up to 5 languages, collectively generating approximating 35 million page views per year. Since the 2014 visit by President Obama to Cuba, visits from U.S IP addresses to these proprietary websites have exponentially increased from just 6% in 2014 to 38.6% in 2017.

Cuba Trade Magazine is arguably the most influential Cuba focused printed magazine in the United States, with an exemplary national distribution network and readership. Cuba Ventures and Cuba Trade Magazine consider that advertisers should be given the best of both worlds, with full coverage across both digital media platforms and elegant ads in a luxurious printed magazine. This new equity partnership will unify our online advertisers to a prominent print media circulation and, vise versa, creating a worldwide borderless media dissemination that will transcend continents and global readership.

Miami based Third Circle Publishing LLC and Vancouver based Cuba Ventures Corp agree that, a non Cuba domiciled, all encompassing media empire, focused uniquely upon Cuba, will ultimately become a very advantageous asset, as the sea of change ameliorates the political landscape between the United States and Cuba. CEO Steve Marshall commented “In April 2018 Cuba will welcome a new president and, with that advent, a new era of collaboration between the United States and Cuba could ensue. We collectively envisage a time when 1000s of U.S companies will be scrambling to promote goods and services to a highly targeted market of readers and web visitors, both internationally, in the United States and, to sway the decisions of the almost 5 million annual international visitors to the island. The new partnership between Cuba Trade Magazine and Cuba Ventures Corp is the epitome of that synergy. At Cuba Ventures we believe in providing our shareholders with future proof investments that work in unison, to self promote and expose our numerous divisions and technologies to the masses via a proprietary media network, via a powerful media network that autonomously propagates the furtherance of our other revenue generating divisions and mobile apps”. Richard Roffman, CTM Publisher added “Third Circle Publishing shares the international vision of Cuba Ventures. By expanding our horizons and exposure on hundreds of websites, so too will our advertisers in the U.S and Worldwide benefit from heightened Cuba-centric coverage. Creating a unified and seamless reader experience across multiple media platforms, which transcend international borders, is the aspiration of all publishers

Notable Highlights of the Cuba Digital and Print Media Powerhouse

  • Increased worldwide print advertising sales for Cuba Trade Magazine
  • Increased worldwide digital advertising sales for Cuba Ventures
  • Cross platform 20% ad commissions
  • Reciprocal linking and coverage on proprietary digital and print media
  • Creation of ad sales divisions in Canada and Europe
  • Reciprocal exposure to the Cuba focused international business community
  • Monthly and quarterly guaranteed corporate coverage in both print and digital media iterations.
  • Heightened exposure of Revolupay®, CubaFIN and the CCU Coin Crytotoken in the U.S

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