CUV Ventures Corp. Releases RevoluPAY®

Vancouver, BC – CUV Ventures Corp. (TSX-V: CUV) (the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has released the beta 3 version of the RevoluPAY® Apple and Android remittance and payment app. The current version incorporates improvements, gleaned from a closed public and management software trial. The Beta 3 released today is a close variant of the upcoming public release version. A second merchant (licensee) version is also in final stages of completion. Further, the company is pleased to provide updates on RevoluVIP and RevoluPAY® platforms.

Video Link Beta 3 RevoluPAY®

RevoluPAY® nears completion

The company has today released a video of the Beta 3 version of the Apple and Android blockchain powered RevoluPAY® app, operating as a digital wallet for worldwide app-to-app transactions, compatible with payments on the company's and, third party travel websites and, also to penetrate the estimated $595 Billion international remittance markets and world travel sales sector. The app displays balances in both the originating loaded fiat currency and, the corresponding proprietary CCU Coin Cryptotoken amount. Shareholders have been continuously provided with visuals of the app versions during the development of this groundbreaking app. RevoluPAY® is now set for imminent launch in June 2018. The entire development of the app is fully paid and is well ahead of schedule.

RevoluVIP International Inc. Incorporated in Canada

On April 24th, 2018 the company incorporated the wholly owned subsidiary RevoluVIP International Inc., domiciled in Vancouver, British Columbia. RevoluVIP promises to be the world's first, members only travel club, rewarding Diamond members with guaranteed lowest prices, at or close to net rates, for worldwide travel services, payable exclusively through the RevoluPAY® app. Diamond members will pay $249 annually for VIP Travel Club access and, will be able to "Look and Book" worldwide travel services on the main website and, 134 country/destination specific websites. Members, simply login and book through RevoluVIP websites to obtain dramatically reduced rates. RevoluVIP International Inc is aiming for 1 million members by Jan 2020. Should all members opt for the Diamond level, this will generate USD $249 million in annual dues. Revenue from membership dues will be paid to the wholly owned subsidiary RevoluVIP International Inc. which retains the exclusive rights for its members to access the platform worldwide. The RevoluVIP travel platform will be; owned, operated and managed by the wholly owned subsidiary Travelucion, the company's duly licensed and bonded Travel Corporation.

RevoluVIP Development Update

RevoluVIP is set to revolutionize and disrupt the travel sector with a member's online access to GDS (Global Distribution System) and wholesale rates for; Flights, Hotels, B&Bs, Car Rentals, Cruises, Tours, Excursions, local transfers and, many other worldwide travel related services. Members of RevoluVIP may only pay for services using the RevoluPAY® app.

  • Internal Software Development Team Assembled
  • Amadeus XML GDS License Acquired
  • Initial Website Design in Beta 1 phase
  • Worldwide Wholesale partners selected & approved
  • IATA License in the final stage of approval
  • Proposed 134 Country, destination focused, websites
  • 3 Exclusive Club Membership Levels
  • Potential $249 USD million annual membership fees (1 million members)
  • Low online operating costs of the entire system
  • Organic growth of RevoluPAY® users

First specific country/destination website rollout (includes a main multinational website -


Other websites to be rolled out over a 13 month period as part of the program

Director Bernard Lonis Meets with ITER and Atos

Subsequent to meetings between CEO, Steve Marshall, and Atos in November 2017, company director Bernard Lonis has met again with ITER (Technological and Scientific Institute of Spain) and Atos on April 24th, 2018, concerning the proposed lease of the; installations, data center and Teide Supercomputer, located in the canary Islands Spain. The Teide-HPC supercomputer is solar powered and, is one of the 500 most powerful super computers in the world. Inaugurated in 2013 by the late Stephen Hawking, it was primarily used to map the universe by Iter. Teide-HPC will be replaced by a superior version shortly. The computer has 16,384 processing cores, 33,664 GB virtual memory, uses 312.00 kW of pure solar energy (at its location, close to the equator, 200 miles off the coast of Morocco, rainfall is around 4 days annually) and, has a max data rate/capacity of 340.787 TFlop/s. The company continues to investigate this low-cost centralized data center for it's over 1200 proprietary and third party websites, CCU Coin and, blockchain infrastructure. While domiciling all of the company's technology in one location, the data center would also be used to generate ancillary revenue from crypto mining. The recent rise in crypto currency prices renders this project viable again.

B-TravelPro Show Barcelona – 20 to 21 April 2018

Company Director, Alfredo Manresa and chief in-house software engineer Ahmed Rodriguez attend the B-TravelPro 20 and 21 April in Barcelona. Meetings were held with strategic partners of the RevoluVIP member's only travel Club.

Equity Partner, Miami based, Third Circle Publishing Update

The company acquired equity in the emblematic publisher of Cuba Trade Magazine in January 2018. As a condition of the equity purchase, worldwide electronic subscription based distribution was agreed and, this is now being implemented for the next edition. Further, TCP has successfully released the first edition of Coral Gables Magazine. As explained to shareholders, the rational behind this equity purchase hinges upon current and future marketing, where both the company's proprietary 432 websites, with over 30 million page views and, the digital and print publications of our equity partner TCP, serve as a potent marketing force for the ongoing promotion of RevoluPAY®, RevoluVIP, RevoluFIN and RevoluCHARGE into world markets.

Worldwide Licensing Agreement for ®

The company received, from Mc Millan Law in Vancouver Canada, the final RevoluPAY licensing (franchise) contract on April 23rd, 2018. The company can now sign agreements with international, country based, remittance disbursement licensees under a master license, per country, scenario. The company is actively negotiating with numerous prospective RevoluPAY® licensees in the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Other Caribbean disbursements will be handled seamlessly by CUV equity partner Duales Inc., negating the need for licensees in those nations.

Management Visit to the Republic of Panama

The company's CEO and Director, Alfredo Manresa shall be visiting the Republic of Panama in early May, the focus of the trip being, advancements of, blockchain powered, RevoluPAY® and RevoluFIN.

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